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An Urban Transformation - A Deeper Look at Mandani Bay

EVERY beloved place has a story, each full of monumental events that ultimately brought them to the progress they are embracing now.

Transformations came about through innovative collaborations of several brilliant minds.

This is how the visionary partnership between Taft Properties and Hongkong Land is set out to accomplish in Cebu: a transformation that brings out a distinctively defined lifestyle. The resulting project of this joint venture is the premium mixed-used development Mandani Bay.

Cebu is rich in history, and this is the start of the Mandani Bay narrative. There is a parallelism among places that started out as discoveries by European explorers, just like Manhattan, and Sydney, and most other urban destinations in the world. In the 1500s, Venetian scholar Antonio Pigafetta noted in a written account of a settlement called “Mandani”, known today as Mandaue. The developers want to go back to this rich chapter of our history as an homage to how progress first touched our land. Every corner of the Mandani Bay master plan embodies a plush, aesthetic sensibility that inspires imagination, creation, and innovation. Expansive podium blocks are interconnected by footbridges. From the amenity roof decks of each of these podiums rise residential towers, while wide boulevards host street-front retail. FSpanning on 20 hectares of land, it lays majestic on a waterfront along the Mactan

Channel in Mandaue City, providing a stunning view of the coast and encompassing city scape. The location plays a big role in the progressive transformation Mandani Bay brings. With half of its side facing the water, it adds this essential element of life to our lifestyle, making it more magical, in a much more splendid way than anywhere else in the country. A 500-meter boardwalk is provisioned for one to enjoy a relaxing evening walk amidst a spectacular view of the Mactan Channel. Mandani

Bay’s spirited environment is filled with avenues bursting with new experiences waiting to be discovered every day.

Mandani Bay also transforms individuals in their very core, inspiring a new kind of metropolitan lifestyle that is only possible in a progressive seaside township.

passion is for adventure, culture, creativity, or water, live it at the Mandani Bay Suites.
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