Real Estate is a huge scope and can be very overwhelming. Not to mention your encounter with a lot of flyers, billboards and sales agents, regarding this cool new house or condominium project right around the corner.

It’s tough being a buyer these days. There are so many properties to choose from. We are caught up with what we call “analysis paralysis”.

Start with the WHY.

Allow me to help you navigate through it with these 3 questions:

  1. 1.) Why are you looking for a property?
  2. 2.) How are you going to get that property?
  3. 3.) What property are you looking for?

Why are you looking for a property?

Before anything else you should establish why are you going to buy a lot, a house or a condo. Be focused on the purpose, because this will drive you to reach for that goal during times of distractions and surprises.

Be clear with what you are going do once you have this property. You can even go further and picture yourself living in the condominium and the lifestyle that you’ll have then.

And the most important of all, remember this purpose and never forget why you’ll do this in the first place.

How are you going to get it?

Create a plan on how you are going to get that property. Your plan is your tool to acquiring that property. Identify people ( you, relatives, banks & lenders or the owner ) who can help you reach that goal. Establish good relationships with them.

Are you getting this straight from your pocket? How much would you set aside for this? Who can help you finance the property? When you get these things ironed out, you’ll be confident you can be able to get that property in no time.

What property are you looking for?

Here is the easy part. If you are now clear with your purpose, this would now be easy for you.

These are the technical stuffs the broker will ask from you. Where and When do you need it? The type of property, either a house & lot, condominium, lot only or commercial? How much space do you need, 1 bedroom, Studio, etc? And your budget.

You should answer the questions 1, 2 & 3 in that particular order and that order only. This is purposely arranged in that sequence to be effective. I know it’s hard, but it is effective in focusing you and clearing your mind while you go through the selection process.

If you're clear with your WHY, everything else will follow.

Here to help

We can help you go through the buying process. We understand that you are a first time buyer and you may have done some research on how to purchase that property .. and you’d just like to have that thought verified.

We can help you have a deeper understanding on how real estate buying works. You can connect with me now through facebook or email. It’s now easier than ever.

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