Thinking about buying a condo unit for rental is easier said than done. There a few things to consider before going into the rental business.

Keep your tenants happy ... the goal of all landlords.
  • Do you furnish it? And how much would it cost you to add value to your unit?
  • How would you maintain it? If the faucet breaks, who’d you call to fix them up? How much would that cost again?
  • For lean months when occupancy is low, how do you market your unit and get new tenants?
  • And to be the best landlord, you need to keep your tenants happy and have them experience the best of what your unit could offer.

These are some of the considerations that a landlord should put in mind.

Well, here is a concept that you would surely appreciate. It’s called condotel.

So why should you want it?

First of all, the main advantage is it’s hassle-free on your part, the landloard. No more headaches on marketing and looking for tenants. No more worrying about maintenance and who will fix the busted faucet.

And best of all, your property is run as a hotel. So you are assured of a premium experience for your tenants/guests.

And so much more.. you get to enjoy your unit and the amenities just like your guests do.

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