You may be paying 2,000-4,000 SGD for a rented apartment, but in Cebu you can own the same 1 Bedroom condo unit for as low as 800 - 850 SGD. Yes, that affordable.

When you get back here

If you are planning to go back in Cebu, it’s a good strategy to invest first in a property. That way, you’ll have somewhere you can stay in that is your own.

Or a better way is to have it rented out. While you are there, you’ll still be earning. Have the unit work for you. Even if you won’t have a job here or would like to retire when you get back, you’re income won’t stop. Now that’s passive income.

If you have a plan, I have a couple of suggestions on where and what condo will give you great returns.

My Assistance to you

If you need help, I can always assist you. You can easily reach me through my mobile 0917-631-2463 or you can also email me through [email protected] or like and chat with me on our facebook page. Hope to hear from you.