We had a client who was not satisfied with mortgage loan approved by a bank. He got his loan approved late. To make things worse, he didn’t get the full 85% bank loan approval.

So he asked if he can transfer to another bank which could give him the 85% loan approval. So I endorsed his application to this well respected bank.

Most banks would approve your loan but you will not get the maximum loanable amount. For most, you’ll only be granted 70% of the total contract price of the unit. Here’s how you will be granted the maximum loanable amount.

I met and talked to the loan officer about this new account and within a matter of minutes he’s bank loan got approved. Yes, that fast.

How did we do it?

Maximum Loan Approved … TODAY

It turns out that to get your loan approve you only need to pay your monthly equity on time

My client was in good standing and was very deligent in paying his monthly equity. The loan officer noticed this in his record and that’s the best criteria for granting the loan.

If you pay on time on your equity then bank loan would be easily grant you the loan.