Knowing your real estate agent, aside from the property he/she is selling, is critical to your buying satisfaction. Your chosen real estate could make or break your decision to buy a home.

One of the biggest issues I have found is that so many consumers think that all Realtors do the same things to sell homes. This could not be further from the truth!

In some statistics, it’s found that 94% of Real Estate sales are done by 6% of the people. There is no wonder why there is so much dissatisfcation from Real Estate consumers. It is extremely easy to get stuck with a Real Estate agent who doesn’t provide good service to you or doesn’t have great work ethic.

Unfortunately becoming a Real Estate agent is easy. Just put their name down on the application form as a referrer and that’s it. Their service ends the moment they’ve closed the sale. More often, they turn out to be a sales person.

Before you say yes to these types of agents, do a little interview with them first, so you’ll have a better perspective of what added value they can be, aside from the property they are selling.

  • 1. How long have you been into real estate?

    Experience is very helpful but doesn’t necessarily mean that a newer agent couldn’t be a rising superstar. Many of the other interview questions below, however, will help determine whether the agent has the potential to be one.

  • 2. How many units/homes have you sold last year?

    This question is highly important and most of the buyers never even think to ask. Do you want to be their 1st sale? The agent should have the capability to handle your transaction well. You want an agent or a broker who has a track record of success in good markets and bad.

  • 3. Can you provide me with your 3 recent references?

    A top notch real estate agent should be able provide you with references that you can get in touch with and get feedback from. Ask the agent the last three transactions they have closed and look up the names of their clients and call them yourself. You’ll be able to have a great understanding of the satisfaction level of these clients.

  • 4. Are you available online? How am I going to get in touch with you if I have some more questions?

    Most of us are busy at work and we won’t have time going back and forth to the mall or office for our questions and concerns. A good real estate agent should be available to take your concerns or if not, assist you to the right person who can.

  • 5. What is the coverage of your service to me? What happens after I sign and close the sale?

    the best real estate agents or brokers will assist you until you move in. She should be there from the moment you agree to reserve, to requirements gathering and application submission, up until you have your bank loan approved. She should have a good knowledge of the entire process.

a Real Estate transaction doesn’t stop the moment the deal is closed. It’s a constant re-enforcement of trust and relationship building.

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