Looking back

Just a single request from my mom, “Ann, please take the Real Estate Licensure Exam for me,” started everything!

It was in 2009 when my mom suddenly asked me to do something for her which I have never considered doing in my entire life. I just graduated college for 2 years then and was so focused and determined building up my career in one of the big companies here in Cebu. I don’t have any idea of what Real Estates was and I honestly don’t want to go through another study and exams. - God knows how much I celebrated when I finished schooling. ☻

However, my childhood memories dawned on me… At the age of 15, I was given a chance to join the World Youth Day 2000 in Rome, Italy which includes side trips to Egypt and the Holy Land. Yes, at 15 years old!!! How was that possible when I’m not from a rich family? Both my parents were employed with income just enough to provide their 4 children a comfortable life.

Yes, it was not possible. My parents thought so and openly told one of the nuns in our school, Sister S., who has been trying to enlighten them of this great opportunity for me. But each time, Sister S. would only reply calmly and confidently, “Don’t worry. Money will just come.”

And indeed, God will provide and that God will give to those who asked. Because my mom was able to sell a duplex property that a family friend who left for US entrusted to her. That was her first sale ever! And the money… goes to my travel expenses.

I have always felt that I owe that great experience to my mom.

I took off and passed

And so, full of inspiration and motivation from that memory, I took the review and passed the May 2009 Real Estate Brokers Licensure exam. Now, I can have my mom as an accredited sales person under me.

Big Decisions

We understand that real estate investing and buying is a big decision to make. For most of us, we can only decide once. We have to make sure this property, be it condo or house and lot, is the best decision we can make. We should gather enough information before signing up. Big time decisions like this need the most attention.

We think about your interest, we listen to your thoughts. We try to understand your needs to make sure you have a sound decision and take the big leap forward. We are your partner, we are a friend, we’ll give you all the advise you need. We are on your side.

For those who are seriously thinking of becoming a Real Estates Practitioner, here are 3 reasons why I encourage you to do so:

Timely Opportunity

If you’re thinking of becoming a Real Estate Broker or Salesperson, do it now!

Fast growing developments in Cebu is a great opportunity for us. Cebu has always been a tourist destination for education, business and retirement. So, foreigners are coming in to invest. Locals and those from outside Cebu are now aggressive in investing in real estates as well. With a lot of players in the Real Estate market, developers are now offering affordable and easy payment terms.

It was even projected that the booming Real estates in Cebu will sustain until 2020. Click here for a related article

Worry free inventories

Unlike other businesses like trading, retailing or food, real estate won’t give you so much headache when it comes to inventories. You don’t have to think about your inventory levels, reorders, inventory variances, obsolete or perished goods when not sold.

Your only challenge here as real estate broker/ salesperson is to meet the needs of your clients and to have well balanced *listings that are suitable to their unique preferences.

Continuous Learning

Like the continuous growth of the cities where your listings belong, you are also growing as a person. Meeting different types of people and helping them find their right property is much more exciting than the feeling of closing a sale.