A client of ours came up to us looking for a property. She is a young professional, seeking to buy her first property. Because it was her first time, she had no idea how much the average value of a condominium unit here in Cebu City is.

So when asked how much she can go for,she was a little hesitant, not because she doesn’t have money, but because she has no idea what the figures are.

She just came out throwing in random figures… She can clearly pay for it.

We suggested, how about, we slice and dice it up to make it more reachable. How about we do it this way, how much can you set aside on a monthly basis and we go from there.

She felt relieved, because this time she had a much better perspective. A much more practical and much better mindset of how much she can go for.

So she said, “around 8-10 thousand,within that range. I’m actually renting out this apartment and I’m paying twice as much”.

we understand first time buyers, those who’d like to move out of renting and are now planning to have space of their own.

Look into your monthly budget, how much you can give out. That way, it would be easy.