Are you aware?

Are you aware that there’s a common buying mistake, which usually builds up from a bad agent experience and ultimately to a buyers remorse. Buying a property is a huge decision to make, especially if it’s your first time.

In order to get that home you’ve always wanted, or that condominium you’ve been eyeing on, you have to pick the right real estate agent first. Because every property you are going to buy starts with your experience with the agent.

The problem happens, when an agent ask you to make a purchase decision too soon.. Huge decisions like these need time to be decided. It’s not like buying a sub-Php 1,000 apparel, not even close to a high end gadget. We are talking about, a ton of hard earned money.

3 Things you need to look for

In brief, there are 3 things you need to be looking for in your agent:

  • Real Estate Agents, should demonstrate professionalism
  • Real Estate Agents should clearly explain to you the product and what are the benefits you can get from it.
  • Real Estate Agents should Earn your trust.

We’ll expand on these 3 points.

Real Estate Agents should Demonstrate professionalism

I often see this mistake, in most of the real estate agents, when they deal with their clients. This alone, can destroy the relationship they are starting to build.

Clients should not buy from agents or hire agents, until they have checked their credentials and are satisfied that you are a professional.

Clients are extremely visual. They think in pictures. It’s impossible for agents to look professional, when they operate behind amateur looking marketing. Copy-pasted flyers are everywhere and in every site.

Similarly, agents give an equally bad impression if prospective clients think that looking professional, isn’t important to them. That details are not important. That it’s fine to be associated with cheap looking work.

So, before you deal with an agent and his/her product, make sure you have a great professional impression about that guy.

Real Estate Agents should Clearly explain their proposition

There is a saying that goes:

A confused mind always says NO.

As a natural behavior, if someone asks us to make a decision, especially one involving a great amount of money, before we get all essential details, we say NO. We either say no to whatever they ask or we say no to making the decision itself. This makes perfect sense.

Only a handful of people will take a risk into buying from agents, when they are still unclear about what exactly they are buying. So before making a decision to buy from that agent, make sure he/she has given you enough information you need. Ask questions if necessary. The agent might not be able to answer all your questions, straight up, but at least he/she can relay that to the developer of the project.

Real Estate Agents should Earn your trust.

Clients should not buy or hire any agent, unless they trust them. In all that matters, trust is perhaps the most important element of any relationship.

A couple of points we want to point out regarding trust:

  • Trust needs to be earned.
  • Trust takes time to earn.

We are in an era of email marketing, where an agents can just send a marketing email to 1000 contacts with a button press and have them arrive minutes later. They can send people a link to a special offer via a social network. They can write blog posts, press the publish button and have it available to the world, instantaneously.

However, trust is not earned with a click of a button. There should be a back and forth communication before deciding and coming in to any conclusion.

This article is inspired by Jim Connolly