And We Are Live

Hello Everyone. Hope we are not late in the blog party. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Cebu Home Pages

We consider ourselves as a start up real estate company based in Cebu. Under the hood, it’s a team of two. My wife Luchelle Ann Cabigon and me, Ian Cabigon building our little real state brokerage.

We consider ourselves as a start up real estate company based in Cebu.

The Team

My wife Luchelle Ann Cabigon is a Licensed Real Estate Broker. She took and passed the Real Estate Licensure exam Q4 of 2009. But didn’t start immediately, until May of 2013. Practicing her real estate profession is a part time job, she is working in a prominent company in the Philippines.

I, on the other hand do the marketing and help her get to clients. Setting up this blog is one of the things I strive to do for our business.


We post in our social media platform, Google+ and Facebook. We write updates for our latest listings and some more stuff you will find interesting. Blogging is really new to us. As I mentioned in my profile, I really don’t talk to much, but I hope through this platform, I can improve communication and reach more people. We are excited..

We are incredibly excited to push with this new platform of communication. We’d like to share some of our ideas and knowledge in the field of real estate. We’d also like to share our journey to this business we are getting into. Hopefully, you, our readers, will get value from us.

See you around.